American novelist Amelia Barr is credited with a fine quote: “It is always the simple that produces the marvelous,” a quote I’ve always found fascinating and inspirational.

It’s a concept Stephen Wolfram explored in “A New Kind of Science”, using simple cellular automata to explore how simple constructs tended to create incredibly complex, often chaotic and occasionally beautiful interactions.

I find, as I age, that I am a simple man, easily inspired by simple things.

Please enjoy.

I have a blog - among multiple blogs, if I’m being honest - that is hosted at; it contains musings on various things, as well as some of my personal writing projects: fiction, poetry, music, and the like. I post there occasionally.

This site also holds a section called “Interesting Links,” a collection of content related to my professional field, which is programming. I used to work for and Java Developer Journal; my role there was to scan as much information as I could to collect references and concepts that I thought programmers could use, and I found it instructive and useful (as did many others, depending on who you ask and when.) My “Interesting Links” section is an attempt to repeat that exercise, a simple repository of the things I read that I think other programmers might find interesting.

References there are not endorsements. They’re just things that I find myself thinking about as I read. Maybe I agree with an assertion; maybe I find the assertions absurd. If the authors made me think about what they wrote - good, bad, or otherwise - the content’s a candidate for an “interesting link” because I think other programmers would benefit by thinking about them, too.